Born and raised in Egypt, Chef Omar Semary fell in love with cooking at 8 years old and has yet to stop. After exploring local cuisine and techniques in his native country, he quickly became captivated by the traditional techniques and flavours used around the globe.


Italian cuisine was where the passion for cooking was ignited, realizing that he did not need to be in a professional kitchen to explore new flavours and achieve a good plate of food. He learned about the importance and technique of precision, attention to detail, balance, and showcasing an ingredient’s highest potential. More importantly, Chef Semary understands how critical dedication and perfection are, and how to respect and not underestimate the power of even the “simplest” ingredients.

He has taken the time to develop a comprehensive understanding of the culinary industry; be it from his compassion towards international authentic cuisines and fusions, or his experience in food science, molecular gastronomy, and modern dining.


Semary moved to Montreal, Canada in 2010 to dive head first into his career as a chef. During this time, he had the opportunity to work alongside Chef Joe Mercury at Mercury, celebrity-chef Antonio Park at Flyjin, Jatoba, and Lavanderia, Chef Chuck Hughes at Garde Manger, and finally came back to his Mediterranean roots as Chef de Cuisine at Damas. As of 2020, Semary is located in Ottawa, Canada where he worked to create Back to Brooklyn and his latest venture, Bess. With new menu items coming to mind every day, Chef Semary will never under-deliver.